We are already in 2019, but lets recap the trends we should and shouldn’t carry into this this year. Last year fashion industry went through it heavy with absurd trends and major media drama. So let’s start the new year with prioritizing trends what are worth it and valuing designers who really bring authentic and original wearable looks into our closets.

Things we should proudly leave into 2018:

–  Biker shorts
–  Dad Sneakers
–  Bucket Hats
–  See-through Plastic (heels, luggages etc)

Spring/Summer 2019 was many, many things. While the majority of designers continued with the memo ‘you do you’, what united them was their search for an expression of female empowerment.

Heated discussions were definitely had. Celine-gate sparked the white-hot debate about female authorship and agency versus that of the male designers who would define them.

The question of how designers envision women, what a woman wears and the image she projects has become a political hot potato. The big takeaway from the season? To value those visions that really are attuned to reflecting our truth in some way so that we can do us.


Colour – subtle and statement – with bold, bright shades, as well as pastels. Blazers are single-breasted, double-breasted, asymmetric-knot-fastened, and the lower half is either relaxed or fitted. Whatever the shape, it’s all about colour.


Patch pockets; front-loaded tool belts slung across the body; the mega-return of cargo pants in dusky hues. Proof that fourth-wave feminism can take designers down unexpected avenues, the thinking behind this trend is, presumably, if you have to multi-task, so should your clothes.


From ostrich to peacock, feathers are the new fur.