If you are just like even 2% interested infusion and happened to be scrolling on your social media channels… it’s almost impossible to not come across Old Celine this and Old Celine that. Fashion world obsession over 2007-2017 Phoebe Philo Céline have reached insane levels where finding sold out Old  Céline items is almost equal shopping for rare 80-90s Vintage Chanel pieces. Influencers are harassing personal shoppers all over the world to find those last available Céline pieces (apparently pictures in these have more value).


Phoebe Philo Céline was one of the kind. It was beautiful, strong, sophisticated and served a independent powerful woman. It had its loyal client base and completely league on its own. There was no competition and Phoebe brought us designs we will always love, admire and respect.

But it’s time for media to stop looking for other designers to fill the void. BryanBoy said it very well on Twitter last week “Fashion media’s obsession with the idea of the “next Celine”. Old Céline is dead! Dead! Dubbing another designer’s work as the “Céline” is like diagnosing a designer that s/he has cancer.”

Couple of days ago Threadstyling(personal shopping IG account) was promoting Victoria Beckhams latest collection as “the one filling the Céline void” with comparing images of Victorias latest collection with Phoebe designs.


Heres a section from W magazine article couple of days ago:

“From that fateful day in December 2017 to Hedi Slimane’s decisive debut for the label last September, all anyone could talk about was who would fill the void that Philo left behind: Who would design for the thinking woman who also wanted to feel an emotional connection to what she wore? While some argued that The Row would be the natural successor to Old Céline, as everyone was now calling it, others saw Philo’s embrace of craft and texture in Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe.”

My true concern is that why someone needs to fill the void? Why we need to stamp other designers and put them in the box of NEXT CELINE, without letting them be themselves and show their work as it is. There were women all over the world inspired by Philo’s work and we should let it rest in peace without destroying it while making it another tacky social media trend.

We ALL are obsessed with the past(vintage fashion, archives, 90s trends etc) and I can say myself personally to be guilty for endless researches in archives. But there is a strong difference of trying to keep carrying past with us or getting inspired and creating something new and refreshing.

Phoebe Philo left a wonderful legacy and she changed the way women dressed — forever. However, fashion needs to be able to move on without anyone living in her shadow.