Luckily social media trends have passed the phase of booty pictures, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more new trends coming onto us and somehow making everyone do somewhat weird things/poses for the public and visual creativity. Lets see the following ten trends what seem to be a must these days for a successful Instagram account.


1. “Pulling my eye”/ Migraine pose

Lets be honest this is probably the strangest of them all. I personally would like to call Nicola the original “Pulling my eye” girl as I recognized her doing it more than year ago on some of her pictures and it seemed to be a pose what works with her face. But recently more and more influencers or just random girls trying to fit in are going for the “Pulling my eye” facial expression on their selfies or even the IG stories. Even tho it might work beautifully (and a little random) with some face types, we have to admit this doesn’t work for everyone and isn’t a trend to follow… you just might make yourself look like a lunatic.

your golden girl ✨

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2. Mirror selfies

While some people have gone on to make livings off of mirror pics theres some magic in it. Right lighting, angles and or even the mirror frame. This trend has existed since our phones got cameras and probably will be a trend what will never leave… or maybe in 50 years we will look back to our pictures from our twenties and laugh “What a fool”.

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3. Creative visual stories

You have to e certain type of artist and visual creative to be able to make you Instagram feed into a piece of art. Its not about nice outfit pictures, what you ate for breakfast or even how sweaty you got during your workout. Instagram feed is like your own personal museum and you are the curator. Dana Hourani is one of those magical influencers who have raised a bar of really putting effort into social media and planning our her feed what could inspire anyone. Its time to step outside of classic square photos and really make you feed into a story to tell.

The eternal grace of the senses #myrouge #narcisorodriguezparfums

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4. Nudity

Trying to be as naked in an Instagram as possible without getting reported. The only thing that’s changed is that now it’s only cool when your naked posts look French A.F. Butt pics seem to be in for the long haul, therefore in but these 2018 belfies need to have some kind of “creative” take on them. Take Kendall Jenner’s latest butt Instagram.


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5. Random captions

Let’s get real here… one day we all will ran out of deep quotes. So random, completely irrelevant or just a new popping word pairing from a latest rap song seems to be a trend. No one cares to here about anyones deep feelings, views or stories to tell. Make it short, make it completely random and you are good to go to be fitting in with dem Instagram girls.

Just need someone who sends me memes all day

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6. Girl Gang

Girl power over everything. Women supporting women. No matter if its a true friendship or just women working together, make sure to involve your local girl gang into your feed.

I think we nailed it ???? #mood ( cc: #frompoppywithlove )

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7. Impractical outfits

No more #ootd, but its time to level up with some most impractical outfits on your feed. This trend actually have reached the streets. But don’t feel bad when you are going for a coffee date with your girls and you feel your outfit isn’t right. These days there is no right or wrong anymore and anything is wearable as we can see Kim Kardashian proving us on daily bases.

8. Childhood pictures

Gigi Hadid never feels shy to share a throwback photograph of herself as a child. The catwalk queen, some of her friends and even her little sis always post some sweet and very on trend 90s images of themselves or their famous parents on social media.


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9. “Multitasking”

Couple of days ago our fashion queen Victoria Beckham got under attack when posting a photo of herself getting her make up, hair and nails done while on a phone and captioning it ”Multitasking”. Angry followers called her out for not doing anything than just sitting and having people around her doing the work… and apparently that wasn’t multitasking enough for her “fans”. But even tho this type of photo is a must for any social media babe and influencers. When you have a chance to be spoiled, when you have a opportunity to be pampered like that… why shouldn’t you share that with the world.

10. Ridiculous poses

To give your Instagram feed some edgy vibes you should definitely include some very random poses in random places like bathrooms, sitting in the car, waiting in the hotel lobby. No matter where you are, theres always a opportunity for a edgy picture. Just go for it and lift your leg up. (yes Im being completely sarcastic at this point).

foot position

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