I feel beauty talk and sharing my go to beauty products is something very close and personal. When usually at SheNoBasic we keep things quite strictly business there are moments when I need to share some of my personal experiences with brands and products.


I have talked about Sensai also before here. I was introduce to the line through a friend (my ultimate “all the latest” beauty gal). When I’m very honest its always fun to share your latest beauty finds with your girlfriends, but to find products what truly fit with your skin type is a research everyone has to do themselves. Last year I was completely obsessed with Fenty Beauty as the foundations and contour sticks where such a perfect match with my skin type. But I also had some friends who hated them, so it truly depends on everyone personal experiences. In my last article of Sensai products we went through my picks from their foundation collection. This time I will share some pieces from their blush collection (what kicked out all other blushes from my beauty routine).




A duet of sheer blendable colours for a customisable lit-from-within blush. Reveal your unique beauty with a complexion that blooms with colour and silky luminosity.

Here are my most used shades. 01 and 02 are perfect for a slushy glow on the cheeks while 05 is my current favorites to use as a bronzer over my contour.


01 Blooming Mauve

02 Blooming Peach

05 Blooming Beige