At the moment, Kardashian’s personal Instagram as well as the KKW Beauty account are both heavily focused on the L.A. launch, so they haven’t made any hints as to where they might be headed next, if anywhere. But the more photos they post from the L.A. location, the hungrier fans around the world get to experience it.

I mean, just peep these photos of how cool the shop looks, and tell me you don’t want to teleport there right now. (Yes, those are huge KKW Beauty concealers on the wall, as well as a huge, moving KKW x Mario Palette filled with pigment, thank you very much.)

Along with the eight new nude Créme Lipsticks ($18,, it looks like the pop-up shop will also have the brand’s entire range of products available for purchase. For lips, that includes three Lip Liners ($12,, five multipurpose Ultralight Beams Duos ($32,, and the kit that started it all, the KKW X Kylie Cosmetics Créme Liquid Lipstick Collection ($48, To sculpt the cheeks, the shop will have the iconic Créme Contour & Highlight Kit ($48;, as well as three Powder Contour & Highlight Palettes ($44, and two oh-so-blinding Highlighter Palettes ($44,

The pop-up is small, but sleek and very on brand with all things KKW Beauty and Kanye West. After all, he did play a huge role in helping his wife with the overall vision of the store, like he does with many of her projects, she tells me. “Anytime I need something visual, I call my husband. He set me up with his tour designers, so we were able to get it all together and he completely influenced it,” the beauty mogul shares. Kardashian West really just wanted the store to feel like her and her beauty brand. “I really went for just me, and Kanye really helped me.”

It feels like a museum-meets-amusement park when you walk in — there are giant concealer tubes that greet you when you enter and on the opposite wall, an enormous, spinning version of the real Mario Dedivanovic x KKW eyeshadow palette. This, of course, was all intentional.

“I just wanted everything very larger-than-life and oversized. It’s everything and more. The spinning Mario palette on the wall is so cool and the giant perfume box [next to it] — that’s the big box — if you walk into my body cut-out and go in, [you’ll find] the perfume.”