It’s weird to say but I told you so….actually no I didn’t, but I have been talking about it with my close circle a lot lately. You may wonder what Im referring to? Social Media is hitting is high peak and the market won’t continue like that for long. There will be a change, what kind we don’t really know.

But in his latest interview with CNN, Fat Jewish a Instagram phenomenon was telling us exactly the same.

“Everybody just wants to be an influencer now. Nobody wants to get a job,”

he told CNNMoney in a recent interview. “Everybody’s just like, ‘Wait. I could go out and like hold those like hair enhancement gummies’ or ‘I can go out and like hold a product, and I can make money. I just think people need to learn how to actually build things from the ground up. … That will take you farther than the internet.”

“People are starting to experience a little bit of social media burnout.”

“How many times can I look at your baby? How many times can I look at a blazing, pink L.A. sunset, or your açaí bowl, or your 5K? So we wanna give people real things.”

“Eventually there will be too many influencers, the market will be too saturated and the value of influencer posts will continue to plummet,”

“It’s a very standard value proposition. The more people join, the more options there are for the brands — the less each influencer is worth.”

Ostrovosky isn’t wrong about the social media influencer space getting saturated, but it’s a bit too soon to write an obituary, says Kamiu Lee, the CEO of the influencer marketing agency Activate. Lots of brands continue looking for people with strong social media followings, but their ideal representative has changed.
“The attention from brands has shifted to micro influencers,” she says. That’s the hot new buzzword for people with 50,000 to 250,000 followers. Working with people who have a follower base of that size allows brands to tailor their message to specific groups.
None of this means Fat Jewish will delete his Instagram account anytime soon. “I don’t think I would ever wanna walk away from it,” he says. After all, why give up all that influence?