Saudi female entrepreneur, Alanoud Al Mubarak, is the brainchild of Fashtory– which is the latest and most innovative consumer to designer based app in the market.
As a fashion designer, you strive to carve your niche, your craft, but more importantly get recognised. With digital marketing and sales on the rise, Fashtory comes up trumps. Fashtory the App, is not only user friendly, but designer friendly- making it an effortless task to gain exposure, not only locally or regionally but on an international scale.
The App is free to download for Android and iPhone, with designers and consumers based in twenty-one countries currently.

What inspired you to create Fashtory?

I actually created Fashtory because I felt there was a gap in the market for a platform that connected up-and-coming designers with buyers. I personally love travelling and finding unique pieces wherever I go. I created Fashtory to bring both together, giving designers a chance to become the next big thing while helping fashionistas get their hands-on unique products. As for the name, it’s a simple combination of the words “fashion and “directory”, and that sums up what the app is for.

May you please explain the concept of the app?

Fashtory is a modern online directory and network for fashion influencers. Developed for designers, buyers, tourists, retailers and business owners, Fashtory aims to be the social gateway that connects fashion lovers and industry professionals from across the world. Fashtory, ultimately aims to make the introductions, as a non-transactional app, which is incubated by KACST (King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology) Badir Program for Technology Incubators, meaning it guarantees its innovation.

Do you have any tech background?

Actually no, Before Fashtory, I was working in our family business, which operates in the industrial chemical sector. I am still working in this role, but developing Fashtory in my spare time. It has been challenging juggling both, but the hard work and long hours are ultimately worthwhile when I see how fast it has grown in such a short space of time.

What’s your thoughts on fashion industry moving more towards online market rather than retail?

I would say these days, consumers are more advanced and thriving for the tech and online world in general, it gives them  multiple options and offerings. Not only is it easily accessible, but in terms of visiting individual stores or departments- they can shop/browse within minutes, and ultimately make their decision. However, I believe that the options that are given to clients in terms of refunding/exchanging are more intriguing online, than in retail itself, which in general makes consumers life a whole lot easier, knowing they don’t have time to visit the store.

But I would like to point out, that luxury retail stores are incredibly important- especially for lux items, whereas, in terms of browsing, average clients prefer to check the items physically, and there are also people who are not keen online shopping.

Where do you see Fashtory in couple of years?

We aim to develop the features on the platform, such as once we have a clearer picture of our user behaviour we will be able to refine these and use them to create a more efficient platform. Our vision of Fashtory is to become a global fashion directory with brands and users in every corner of the world. Fashtory is currently operating in twenty-one countries across the world which I see growing to over a hundred in the next year. My dream for Fashtory is to become the go-to app for travelling fashionistas in search of unique fashion and for designers the go-to platform for connecting with buyers. We also hope to further develop our user base and get a wider variety of fashion designers from new markets across the world.