G House in Brussels, Belgium. The impressive three-storey townhouse was designed in 1907 by the architects François Kielbaey and J. L’andre. The building’s French limestone façade was restored by the Brussels-based architect Olivier Dwek as part of an extensive re-configuration.


The exceptionally lovely single-family residence has retained its majestic, classical elements: mouldings, fireplaces, wide archways and windows with curved contours. Original windows were restored where possible and some were replaced with exact replicas of the original. Light flows beautifully throughout the building, letting the garden in to add its green colour to the otherwise white interior. Dwek’s attention to detail, restrained decoration and deep respect for the existing architecture, meant the quiet authority of the G House family residence retained its classical elements. Detailed fireplaces, wide archways and curved windows have all been honored. Like other work from Olivier Dwek; history and nuanced modernism cohabit under one roof. It’s clear that Dwek is graced with creating a dialogue in aesthetic tensions, not to mention a beautiful knack for balancing the past with the present.