The September issue of Vogue is typically the most talked about of the year, and this time it featured not one but two icons on the cover: Beyoncé, for American Vogue, and Rihanna for British Vogue. On Beyoncé’s U.S.-based cover, the singer stuns in a white Victorian-esque prairie dress in front of a white sheet, her smize in full effect. Meanwhile, Rihanna sports dainty brows and orange gloves on her cover as she casually stares into every British Vogue reader’s soul. Rihanna and Bey are each brilliant and talented, but wait: What’s that? They’re both wearing flower crowns on their Vogue covers! Rihanna and Beyonce have put flower crowns back at the top of the fashion set’s wish list, practically overnight.

Over the years, basic versions of the headgear have made them the go-to festival accessory and, consequently, landed them in the dreaded ‘cliche’ pile. But, that could all be about to change, as floral crowns have been taken up a notch and given a major revival in 2018’s prestigious Vogue September issues. Both Rihanna and Beyoncé donned similar striking bloom-adorned arrangements on the US and UK covers, bringing the once-loved item back to the forefront of fashion.

Whilst RiRi showed off her artistic side for British Vogue, pairing the statement headpiece by flower artist Azuma Makoto with a strong eyebrow-less look.

Beyoncé went for a more ethereal, feminine approach, taking the mundane flower crown to new levels with a peonie-filled creation.


Although Bey and RiRi’s approval immediately gives the flower crown back its ‘cool’ status, the runways have also been pining for the return of the bold accessory for many years.

Most recently, Valentino won over Haute Couture Week in July with its strong floral headgear game. Meanwhile, Chanel also gave a subtle nod to the trend, creating elegant blossom-filled fascinators.

During the spring/summer 2018 shows it was hard not to wake up and smell the roses as a plethora of designers favoured huge flower helmets.

Unsurprisingly, bloom-loving Dolce & Gabbana made the XL accessory a focal point of its collection, with Moschino quickly following suit, taking things to new levels with matching ensembles.

For those who are still struggling to see the appeal of the flower crown, take note from Dior, which went for a more minimal approach in 2017, creating chic items of millinery to perfectly complement its dreamy dresses.


In fact, the runway trend can be traced back to Alexander McQueen in 2006 and Christian Lacroix in 2004. Proving that this is one trend that continues to stand the test of time.