As the millennium dawned almost two decades ago, it brought with it a new buzzword for the contemporary age: the concierge. Once synonymous with hotel stays and luxury travel, it was quickly appropriated by many large retail, travel and financial brands in response to the increasing demand from consumers for a personalised service.

Over the past five years, however, the concierge has undergone another evolution, extending to complete lifestyle management. The tailored and the personalised have long been connotations of luxury, but for those who prioritise service and experience, lifestyle curators are integral.

When time comes at such a premium, the now established network of concierge services ensures the smooth operation of every day life, from the logistics of a house move, a luxury purchase or a multi-destination holiday. In addition, with more lives becoming transatlantic, prompted in part by development in technologies that afford global careers and professions, leisure time is restricted. This has resulted in more people, understandably, only wanting to spend that time in a quality way.

It speaks volumes that many of the Top Fortune 500 companies have introduced concierge services to their ‘perks packages’ as an incentive to both join and stay at the firm. For prospective employees, the opportunity to outsource the responsibility of personal administration, from laundry pick-ups to taking deliveries, is invaluable.

Furthermore, the boom of the internet and the dawn of Google has meant that we are more informed and knowledgeable about our options, whether it’s choice of restaurant or personal shopping service (what we introduces just recently), but remain mystified when it comes to identifying which is the best – or most suited – to our needs. The internet is inexorably populated with unnecessary information, sifting through which can waste yet more time.


However, this is where the concierge can truly come into its own: the very best in the business now dispense with the internet altogether and operate almost exclusively on word of mouth recommendations and of course first-hand experience. With their exclusive network of peers, and a direct dial to the most refined services you could ever wish for, they have cut through, they are efficient. And above all, they are human.


“As luxury brands have expanded globally, it has been nearly impossible to maintain an intimate customer relationship in every storefront. Today, luxury retailers are utilizing concierge services to understand customers, and are using this service to create unique custom experiences and essentially drive their “clienteling” and CRM initiatives. The pendulum is swinging back to the times when luxury was truly exclusive.” writes WWD in their article “Acts of Luxury and One-of-a-Kind Concierge Experiences” almost year ago.


This type of hands-free virtual service and attention to detail is possible in today’s marketplace thanks to the proliferation of technology and the extensive personal and business networks developed by some of the world’s most in-the-know concierges. 


Today we will analyze 3 leading fashion concierge services on social media and lets see whats going on over there. 


We have made screenshots of:

  • Thread Styling– At the forefront of a revolution in chat commerce, with technology very much at the heart. With zero stock liability harnessing social networks and providing personal shopping experience. Thread styling instagram account can be easily recognize on most influencers stories receiving gifts from Threads.
  • Black Box Concierge- Based in Bahrain and operating globally Black Box Concierge is offering unique and exclusive goods and services tailored to suit its elite clientele’s tastes and preferences. 
  • Gabrielle Waller- Gabrielle is truly the latest star on the market, as she is the hero who found the sold out old Celine coat for the supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. After Rosie shared her success story on social media she was featured on almost every Vogue online and many more online magazine overnight. 


Below you will see screen shots from every one of their Instagram accounts. 

Thread Styling

Thread Styling feed mostly includes latest social media fashion trends and brands like Fendi, Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Yeezy, Balenciaga and Rimowa. Their social media gives you exclusive insight to the showrooms and valuable inspiration for outfits. But the key word to describe their social media marketing is LATEST TRENDS and latest trends only. You can see the currently trending belt bags, never ending wave of iconic Dior saddle bags, see-through Rimowa luggages (what are often sent to influencers as gifts), every pastel shade Chanel sneakers, some More Dior book totes and some LV jumps out here and there. 

Pros: #ShotByThreads is one of their hashtags and gives you great insights into their teams vision and style.

Cons: Often feels like same products and stories are used repeatedly and after while it can lose your attention. Sometimes truly Less is more…


Black Box Concierge

Very similar visual approach as Thread Styling, but a little less influencers and little more products. Their Instagram Stories always include very practical and simple insight at the currently in store/showroom selection of products and much more of timeless classical approach of products with a hint of latest trend hits and bright colors. 

Pros: Great insight of the available products and “quality over quantity” mindset with the content they post.

Cons: Very much of the same range of products and brands as other similar services. 


Gabrielle Waller

As a woman woman show Gabrielle’s business account is definitely visually a little different(but not much) from the previous accounts. You can definitely notice her personal style and touch in the vision and the selection of products(even tho the selection of brands is pretty much the same). 

Pros: Personal touch and approach, what always adds more value into any business.

Cons: Currently don’t have any, because more power to woman who run their business independently and alone. 


My personal thoughts on the topic is that I truly believe in the power of personal shoppers and fashion concierge services providing clients with private and personal selection of products as per clients requests. This helps clients make smarter choices while shopping, taking away all the extra hustle finding the exact product and helps luxury brands get to know the clients needs. 

But currently trending services all have very similar visual content and makes you wonder where are all the other brands represented? Often feels like only certain products gets pushed to the client, because the brands need it and clients/following miss out on many other brands and products what could and should be promoted on the market as well. 

And for the last I have noticed a major major effect of the influencers where influencers marketing and the latest off the runway products are promoted and showcased over and over again, to the point where clients actually might lose interest in the products as everyone already seem to have it. Less and less we can see classic and timeless items being showcased and from my personal experience I have seen that this is many times what those type of clients are actually looking for. 

Have you ever used a Fashion Concierge or personal shopper services and if so what was your experience?