Maria Grazia Chiuri, once again, has done an amazing job at the Summer 2018 collection. She is all about celebrating the women and she is doing this in a very modern way. She designs bags that are appealing to the modern woman. This is really refreshing! The bags furthermore feature art made by female artists, which was done for the Spring 2018 collection as well. The bags are colorful and exuberant, which make for some fun bags! But the one bag that truly caught our eye is the Dior Book Tote Bag.

Yes this is actually happening and its a second Dior bag post in a row. But its a holiday/vacation season and it needs to be done. Today we will talk about Dior Book Tote Bag what is most knows as a every celebrity and influencer travel essential. When Saddle bags were noticed by Dior Instagram campaign, Book Tote is most known for its personalized bags for few (Kim Jones, Yoon, Rihanna, Chiara Ferragani etc).

Ever since this bag was featured, there are already more designs available. More colorful ones than the classic one, or one made out of leather instead of canvas. You can either wear this bag on the shoulder or you can carry it in the hand. The dimensions are 41.5 x 32 x 5 cm. The bag is rather spacious, which makes it a great everyday bag, travel bag or even more as a beach bag.

Takes more than 32 hours to come to fruition. Additionally, each bag consists of over one million stitches. In the minute-long video below, we see each significant design cue including the straps, the stitching and the large logo on the front. Though some components are added by machine, other major details are hand sewn and crafted expertly. Notably, the straps are given an immense treatment and are hand-sewn and tailored to get their perfect appearance.